This week I spent a lot of my time getting familiar with my beat covering the Sexton boys basketball team. There is a bunch of stories that need to be told from the different individuals on the team. Carlo Marble, little brother of current NBA Orlando Magic guard, transferred to the team. Rayshawn Wilborn is a two-sport athlete committed to Central Michigan who just had their head coach leave. Malik Mack, another two sport athlete and captain, who is a senior leader for Sexton. These are just three individuals who really stood out to me while searching for feature ideas. Sexton ended up losing both games this week, Tuesday against Everett and Friday against Eastern. They still have a lot to improve upon. I also learned a lot more during my time at WKAR this week. Alex Scharg taught me how to record bytes for the show, and I look forward to finally doing the quick-hit headliners this week!