This week we spent time in class going over the course syllabus and learning the expectations of the instructor. I am really excited to learn from professor Gerstner with all the experience she has in this field. We also had the opportunity to tour the WKAR studio and learn about some of the opportunities we’ll have with Al Martin this semester. It excites me that this course will offer work that I can potentially put in my portfolio. This gives me the opportunity to impress future employers down the line. I’m pretty excited to learn about the production of Al Martin’s show. Alex Scharg is going to take me under his wing and show me the process he does in putting on the show every day. Wednesday, my first time behind the scenes at WKAR, we were able to help Al with his daily eight headlines and watch the show. I have spent time at radio shows in the past, doing a job shadow with David DeMarco. I thought it was pretty sweet seeing a former student and current student working these shows. I’m definitely going to take advantage of this semester and take full advantage of all the resources around me.