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     Big things come in small packages, or at least Michigan State hopes so. Tyler Ulis is the key to a Michigan State recruiting class that could be up there with some of the top teams in the nation.  You might be wondering, how could the diminutive point guard out of Marion Catholic High School carry the hopes of MSU’s 2014-2015 season on his shoulders? Well, it has been rumored that both him and Devin Booker are looking to play with each other in college.  This would have to happen at a school where both of them are interested in going, of course.  Michigan State could be that school.  Izzo has offered both players and they recently visited East Lansing this last weekend together and just left Lexington, Kentucky today after visiting the University of Kentucky the past two days. 

     Both Kentucky and Iowa are Michigan State’s biggest competition for his services. So, why should he choose the Spartans? Well, at Kentucky, there is a very strong chance that he might have a strong season his freshman year but never start again! That’s right, with Kentucky consistently bringing in ultra-talented lead guards and shoving right into the NBA, who’s to say for 2015 Calipari doesn’t recruit another John Wall-or Derrick Rose-or Brandon Knight? What if he gets another 1-and-done the for 2016? 2017? It could spell doom for Mr. Ulis.  I hope he realizes this and makes the smart choice.  He doesn’t want to be the forgotten man all of a sudden, on a team who brings in the “Next Big Thing” year in and year out.  Reaching his potential is something that should be taken into consideration for Tyler.

     Iowa is the other school who Ulis is considering, and they have a special place in his heart for him.  Iowa was the first D1 school to offer Tyler a scholarship.  They believed in him before anyone else.  Boy has the bandwagon started rolling.  Fran McCaffery has been building this Iowa program from the ground up, but my main concern over this is the fact that Anthony Clemmons is already looking to be the lead guard there for the next two years.  Also the fact that McCaffery doesn’t bring in top notch recruits and they don’t get to the tournament every year like Izzo does at Michigan State is another thing Tyler might look at negatively.  It might be tough for Ulis to say no to Iowa, but I think it will be the right choice in the long run.

     The prospect of coming to Michigan State, like his cousin Travis Walton, is exciting. The fact that he could sit and learn from senior starter Travis Trice for a year and then be ready to take the reigns of the team by his second season has to be something to take into consideration.  Along with the fact that MSU has had terrific floor generals and leaders over Izzo’s tenure is also something that Tyler can see. From all I’ve read he is a fantastic leader and passer.  This is something that Michigan State has lacked the past couple of years.  If he committed to MSU, it could snowball into bigger and better things for Izzo.  Devin Booker could commit to play with Ulis.  Then who? Combo forward Reid Travis? Kevin Durant-esque Kevon Looney? The beast in the paint known as Cliff Alexander? The possibilities are endless if Ulis commits to Michigan State.  We can only hope that in the next couple of weeks that the 5-9, 150-pounder gives a big commitment to the green and white.


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