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ImageWhat I want to talk about today is my expectations for Derrick Rose in the upcoming 2013-2014 NBA season.  It’s clear that many people have bashed him in his time away from the game.  Many were calling him a quitter with the way he, supposedly, quit on his teammates.  I don’t think the Chicago Bulls organization itself helped his cause either, seemingly always leaving the fan base hopeful that he would possibly make a return just to try and sell a few extra tickets toward the end of the regular season.  It wasn’t fair to him, to the fans, and to the NBA.  Always leaving speculation for him to return when it was clear that he most likely knew since before the season that he would sit the season out.  Why risk another injury?  Most people know that it takes a solid 2 year stretch to return to 100% from an ACL injury.  I would much rather see him at 100% a full 17 months after the initial injury then see him at 90% after 11 or 12 months.  A lot of people forget the fact that Iman Shumpert, the New York Knicks’ young and talented shooting guard, tore his ACL the day before Derrick did.  He returned mid-January and was very sub par the rest of the season.  Is this something Derrick wanted to do?  At the risk of getting injured and playing in front of your hometown, I don’t think anybody would want to play at less than 100%.  When Derrick is healthy, he’s arguably a top 3 player in the NBA.  This season, I hope he comes out with the fire that he came out with before the 2010-2011 season when people questioned whether he could be the MVP of the league.  We might see a different Derrick this year as well. With what could be the Bulls’ most talented team since the 90’s, I’m excited for the potential this team could reach.  Rose at the point with Butler at the 2 and Deng at the 3, the perimeter looks to be very balanced offensively and defensively.  Rose and Butler are exceptional athletes and Deng is the perfect 3rd option on a championship contender.  Then down low there’s Boozer for the pick and pop and Noah who is also an exceptional defender and arguably the best motor in the league among the center position.  The team is incredibly balanced with potentially 3 players who could make an All Defensive team in Butler, Deng, and Noah.  Of course, Rose will need to be his All-NBA self for this team to reach the destination that I know it can along with many others.  This is a team that, with Rose healthy, can “Beat the Heat!” and win it’s first title since Michael Jeffery Jordan left town.  The expectations sure will be high, and Derrick being 100% healthy after not playing last season will allow everybody to reap the rewards of it and be forgetful of the frustration that last season left them.