JRN 418: What I learned? (Week 15)


This week I finally was able to finish my third feature piece – an article on JT Gasso and Andrea Harrison. I really had a lot of fun with this piece, as it was a lighthearted story about the softball team who had been dealing with a long losing streak.

I also had issues with my final project. I have found another potential idea to work on, a breakdown of Michigan State softball struggles over the past four years. There is plenty of data on msuspartans.com regarding their struggling team over the past four years, so I think I could make something like that work for my final.


JRN 418: What I Learned (Week 13)


This week, I was able to make some progress on my final project. I attended an activity of the Adaptive Sports and Recreation Club. It was interesting and a challenge to say the least! I was able to talk to Piotr about what he’s been going through with the club and how he’s growing it. They played roller-hockey and I was using a wheelchair. I really have a lot more respect for some of them after going through it.

I’m still trying to finish my final feature story. Supposedly, J.T. Gasso and Andrea Harrison tried to call me last week, but I didn’t get a missed call from either. So I have no idea what happened, but it should be done soon.

JRN 418: What I Learned? (Week 12)


This week we spent time talking about the LGBT issues and the problems it caused for Indianapolis. I found it interesting when I headed down to Indy how much the bands were making it known they were against the Religious Freedom Act. The band “Bleachers” were wearing shirts opposed to the law that had passed. I feel like it’s going to be interesting to see what Indiana does because they’re supposed to hold next year’s women’s Final Four and I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved it to a different city if the laws don’t get changed.

This week I was able to get in contact with Piotr and talk to him about the final project. I’m excited about the possibilities of this and I think I can just make it into a video talking about what they do, kind of like a promotional thing just to give them the attention they deserve.

JRN418: What I learned? (Week 11)


This week, I helped Darien by making a video of his one-on-one video with Breanna Mobley. I also took the time to make an appearance on WKAR to talk college basketball with Al Martin. I’ve been going on the air even more recently, as I can’t get audio clips on the computer anymore. I used to be nervous on the air, but every time gets easier. I can’t wait to get going on my final project with the adaptive sports this week. I think it will be a really good idea and give the group some more publicity.

JRN 418: What I Learned (Week 10)


Success! I was able to get multiple interviews this week for two feature stories, one on MSU’s start to the Big Ten season and the other on MSU’s two new assistant coaches. The Big Ten season is underway for MSU softball, and the team is a lot more confident going into this stretch than they were last year. The second story is going to be one of the better stories I’ve ever written. The coaches are engaged and came together after dealing with a long distance relationship for years, so I’m really excited to finish up that too! Right now, I’m really focusing on my job hunt as I graduate in May. Interviewed for a production assistant job at 120 Sports last Thursday, and that went really well. It’s really getting exciting coming down the home stretch here. Just trying to enjoy my last few weeks on this campus as much as possible!

JRN418: What I Learned (Week 9)


This week, I emailed Jamie Baldwin about availability and she never got back to me. I couldn’t make it to interviews during the week, so that was pretty annoying. At WKAR, I’ve been editing audio clips for the show during the past couple weeks, but for some reason the monitor was exiled from accessing Google/Youtube. I can’t edit audio anymore. Yay, more frustration. So I’m just going to try and help in other ways, like Social Media and on the air. The picture below shows how Jamie has struggled to keep up with her email, not allowing me to get the access I need.


JRN418: What I Learned (Week 8)


This week, me and Lia did our presentation on Fox Sports. We found out a lot about the different programming and rights the sports media company had access to. I really enjoyed the projects. You never really realize how important it is to learn about those companies until you get out into the real world, so I appreciated the knowledge gained from the major sports companies in the United States. My beat is coming along nicely. The team has been doing pretty well this season, relative to last. With the starting rotation finally settling in and healthy, Michigan State looks to be a middle-of-the-pack team this year as they head into the Big Ten season. I have been continuing my progress at WKAR, learning how to cut and edit audio clips for the show.

JRN 418: What I Learned (Week 7)


This week I did my first story on MSU Softball and their hot start to the season. It was great to hear from starting pitcher Kristina Zalewski and second-basemen Jacquie Reiser. They talked about the work the team put into the off-season and how it’s paying off early in the season. It was fun putting the story together although it took many efforts to pass the editing process. I haven’t written a feature like that in a while but now I’m glad that I know what you expect from me. I’m excited for the potential stories this beat has and can’t wait to get to work on my next one!

JRN 418: What I Learned (Week 4)

This week I had the opportunity to make my debut on Current Sports! I took advantage of the time Al took out of the day to talk Michigan State football recruiting and it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had! I’ve also kept up with finding and editing audio clips for the show. Outside class, I’ve really been struggling to get sources for my beat to talk to me. I’ve talked to three kids on the basketball team but nobody has been able to give me an interview yet.. It’s beyond frustrating. Lansing Sexton won their last game against Jackson 57-56 behind Malik Mack’s game-winning free throw. I could not make it out to the game, but reached out to Carlo Marble, Shane Scruggs, and Rayshawn Wilborn to see if they could talk to me and I had no luck. Carlo unfollowed me after a few direct messages on facebook, Rayshawn stopped texting me back, and Shane never got back to me on Twitter either. I don’t know what I have to do to get these athletes to talk to me, but it certainly is a struggle right now.

JRN 418: What I Learned (Week 3)


This week I spent time learning how to cut bytes for Current Sports. I really hope to learn as much as I can from Alex Scharg while spending time in the Current Sports studio. I’m starting to make strides in production aspects of the show and I hope that continues. I’m making progress on my Lansing Sexton beat as well. This week I was able to get the number of Rayshawn Wilborn and meet Coach Valentine after their loss to Grand Ledge. Coach Valentine let me come into the locker room after the game. It was an experience that I had never had before. It gave me the opportunity to learn a little about his coaching style and the standards he has for the players on his team. I’m looking forward to attending their practice Tuesday night and getting a chance to talk more with Rayshawn about the feature story.